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In 2020, Desheng Education Group emphasized on implementing integrated education and twelve-year consistent system, aiming to build an integrated teaching system, promote interdisciplinary curriculum, improve teaching quality, and provide a more professional and comprehensive overall design plan for students’ academic career.

Under the coordination of Desheng Education Group, we further optimize the structure and resource allocation of various departments and institutions. By doing so, management measures will be more efficient, the transition from primary school, junior high school to senior high school is more coordinated, stronger execution from implementing specific policy measures, and the management efficiency of each department will be further improved.

The teaching resources of each department will be comprehensively planned and integrated, and academic exchanges between different grades and departments will be further strengthened. The curriculum connection between primary and secondary schools will be smoother. Students can enjoy a higher quality teaching experience and a more diverse academic atmosphere in the highly sophisticated teaching system established by the group's professional team.